About Us

Trust Pharmacy is the world’s leading provider of low-cost, high-quality, safe prescription drugs, non-prescription medications and OTC products, supplements, and medical equipment and supplies. And “Trust” is our first name for a very good reason.

From our humble beginnings online more than 25 years ago, we have always emphasized our core values of honesty and transparency, understanding that building the trust of our customers would determine whether we survived and thrived in a very competitive marketplace. We’re proud to say that approach has allowed us to become a powerful force for patient health.

We backed up that commitment with our actions.

  • We made sure that patients could trust the medications and related products we sold, always sourcing safe and effective drugs from top-level, reputable manufacturers and never stocking cheap knock-off versions.
  • We created a system of 24-hour, compassionate customer care and support, with our licensed and experienced pharmacists available around the clock for client consultations and customer questions and requests.
  • We built a team dedicated to understanding the health and physical situations of our patients before making recommendations or filling prescriptions, ensuring personalized care that even surpasses the service provided by local brick-and-mortar drug stores.
  • We emphasized low prices as well, because we believed the key to ideal health outcomes was being sure that patients could afford their medications and be able to take them regularly as prescribed.

At Trust Pharmacy, we strongly believe that it’s impossible to provide the pharmaceutical care that each patient deserves unless they trust our services, our medications, and our people. That approach has served us well for decades, and it will guide us in the years to come.