At Trust Pharmacy, we put as much care into shipping your medications as we do in filling them.

Our shipping and delivery process can be summed up with two promises.

  1. Your medications will arrive safely and confidentially, in perfect condition.
  2. Your medications will be delivered within the timeframe that has been promised.

Here’s how it works.

Once you’ve placed your Trust Pharmacy order, the details are immediately transmitted to our warehouses, where our staff assembles the order for shipment. Before packing, though, there will be one more quality check to make sure you’re receiving exactly what you’re expecting.

Your medications and other supplies are packed discreetly, in envelopes or boxes that have no markings or indications of what’s inside, ensuring that your order is kept private and confidential. The return address mentions nothing about drugs or medications, and none of your private details (except your name and address) will appear anywhere on the package.

In almost all cases, your order is shipped same-day with your choice of postal mail or private courier (couriers available in most worldwide locations). We only use reputable and reliable carriers with proven records of prompt delivery and strong customer service.

Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with tracking numbers.

Please feel free to call or email our customer support team at any time to ask about your shipment. We track them on our end as well, and we’re happy to assist you day or night.